Play this pairs game based on your chosen category of Spanish vocabulary. Either one or two players may play. Choose how many players, then click Play.

N.B. For the game to work, your browser must have a Java plugin installed that is compatible with Java 1.4 or later.

How to play

  • The game board consists of 10 pairs of matching cards which have been shuffled.
  • In each pair, one card bears the Spanish word, whilst the other card bears a the corresponding word in English.
  • In the colours game, the second card of each pair has a rectangle of the given colour.
  • On your turn, click on two of the cards. They will be turned over.
  • If the two cards correspond to the same Spanish word, you gain a point.
  • In the two player game, the player with the most points wins.
  • During the game, try to remember where the different cards are as you and your opponent turn them over!

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